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About Us

B.P.I BANDHAYE PEZESHKIYE IRAN (PUBLIC J.S. mfg. CO.) was established in 1983,with the purpose of producing and selling different types of medical and hygienic disposable items which are used in hospitals, medical centers as well as orthopedic and sanitary purposes.

  • The first product of this company was Plaster of Paris Bandage (P.O.P Bandage) which was produced for the first time in Iran. 
  • At the time being, there are three other manufacturers that the volume of their products only cover less than %30 of the domestic market's demand and the rest of the market share (above 70%) has been covered by our company.  
  • At the second stage, our company started to produce the Under Cast Padding Bandage. This product was also produced for the first time in Iran. At this time few other Iranian manufacturers makes such a bandage yet the main market share for our production gains only 5% of domestic market share. The rest 95% in under our company's control.

After mentioned phases we started to produce other items as well. These items are:
  • Different types of bandages: (Woven Edges Conforming Bandages "White-Brown" , Elastic Bandages)
  • Different types of cotton: (Zig Zag Cotton, Cotton Balls"white and colored")
  • Different types of Medical Gauze Swabs: (Medical Absorbent Gauze Swabs, Dental Gauze Swabs, Sterile Gauze Swabs)
  • Other Cotton Articles: (Cotton sliver, Cotton rolls, Cotton yarn)

Due to continuous study and research in our R&D Department, recently new items were added to the basket of our products, which are as follows:

  • Synthetic Casting Tape: Since 2010, the production line for "Synthetic Casting Tape" was launched at our factory, under Korean knowhow.
  • Plaster of Paris Splint: The newest item that was added to our product, is "Plaster of Paris Splint" which is being manufactured at our factory since 2012 and even in this very short period, we could obtain considerable share of the market.
  • Beside capturing the domestic market completely, since almost twenty years ago, this company started exporting its products to the several countries such as: Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippine, Malaysia, England, China, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan etc.
  • The company was recognized as the first privileged exporter of medical disposable items on 1998 and received the medallion from president of I.R. of Iran.
  • The company has consistent presence at world’s largest medical fair (Medica) which is being held at Düsseldorf/Germany, annually.
  • In 2004, entity of company changed from privet joint stock to public joint stock and its capital increased to Rls 20,000,000,000.00
  • The factory locates in Takistan ring road about 240 Km. far from Tehran, on North West of Iran. The specifications of this factory are 56000 Sqm. space and fully walled. The site has around 11024 Sqm. industrial and administrative buildings, consisting 2 halls made from concrete, 2 halls made from metal and 3 warehouses made from metal, administrative buildings, restaurant, kitchen, laboratory, residence place, all fully equipped with security and fire alarms systems.
  • In addition, the site has 1.2 Mw. industrial electricity with private power's post building, 2 water shafts, city network water system, concrete underground water and fuel stores as well as 4 tell/fax lines. The pipe lines for natural gas were made and the gas flow will be connected soon.
  • As a technical installation, the company has different types of chilling and warming systems as well as humidifiers and drying facilities and power generators.
  • In addition to all the above, laboratory equipment, lift/pallet truck, injection moulds, different types of European/Korean/Iranian advanced machinery are making a very power full compound for manufacturing our products.
  • The above explanation was a very short introduction to our company, facilities and products.
  • Adding to all above, B.P.I. is enjoying the presence of highly qualified and talented personnel whether at head quarter or factory, on the supervision of a professional and experienced manager.

And because of all above, we do believe that we are the best!