Bandhaye Pezeshki Iran (Public JSC)

Manufacturer & Exporter of Medical Disposable Items

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Conforming Burn Bandage

BPI Tebbi Shafa Burn Bandage

Woven Edged Conforming Burn Bandage


BPI Burn Bandage Manufactured from cotton and high quality synthetic yarns with a woven finished edge, using advanced machinery in compliance with international standards.

BPI Burn Bandage Conforms around different body contours, applies minimum pressure with no major limitation to the movement of the injured limb.

BPI Burn Bandage Used to provide support and consistent pressure on the wound with no slippage over the skin.


BPI Burn Bandage Permeable to air, allows skin to breath.

BPI Burn Bandage Comes in the length of 4.5 meters when fully stretched and various widths of 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 cm. Also available in other lengths based on customers’ requests.

BPI Burn Bandage Authorized by:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education

The Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade and The Standard Organization of I.R. Iran



Conforming Burn Bandage

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