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BPI D-Cast

BPI D-Cast

 Orthopedic Plaster of Paris Bandage


BPI  D-Cast Based on a unique formulation, in compliance with international standards and the highest quality of fine Gypsum powder.

BPI  D-Cast  Manufactured by advanced machinery under the supervision of highly experienced engineers.

BPI  D-Cast  Features quick setting time, sufficient resistance and rigidity.

BPI  D-Cast  Is a special combination of Leno weaved gauze (Ne. 30) and crystalline structure giving great flexibility.

BPI  D-Cast  Comes in the length of 250 cm and various widths of 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 cm. Also available in jumbo rolls based on customers’ requests.

BPI  D-Cast  Authorized by:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education

The Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade and The Standard Organization of I.R. Iran.

BPI D-Cast

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