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Synthetic Splint

BPI Fiber / Non-Woven Splint

Orthopedic Synthetic Splint


BPI Fiber / Non-Woven splint  Manufactured by advanced machinery under the supervision of highly experienced engineers.

BPI Fiber / Non-Woven splint  Sufficient resistance, quick and easy to use and store, no gloves required, suitable flexibility during application.

BPI Fiber / Non-Woven splint  Soft and lightweight with smooth edges, prevents perspiration, anti-allergic.

BPI Fiber / Non-Woven splint  Excellent X-Ray penetrability.

BPI Fiber / Non-Woven splint  Weight-bearing in 20 minutes.

BPI Fiber / Non-Woven splint   Authorized by:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education

The Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade and The Standard Organization of I.R. Iran



Synthetic Splint

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