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BPI Solo Band

BPI Solo Band

 Orthopedic Plaster of Paris Bandage


BPI  Solo Band  Based on a unique formulation in compliance with international standards.

BPI  Solo Band  Manufactured by advanced machinery under the supervision of highly experienced engineers.

BPI  Solo Band  Features quick setting time, sufficient resistance and rigidity.

BPI  Solo Band  Is a special combination of Leno weaved gauze (Ne. 40) and the highest quality of fine Gypsum powder with a crystalline structure giving great flexibility.

BPI  Solo Band  Comes in the length of 250 cm and various widths of 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 cm. Also available in jumbo rolls based on customers’ requests.

BPI  Solo Band  Authorized by:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education

The Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade and The Standard Organization of I.R. Iran

BPI Solo Band

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